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In a world that often feels disconnected and anxious, is there a way to find connection and greater meaning in life?

The Kindness and Compassion Podcast is a podcast about helping people find emotional and spiritual intelligence for greater meaning and peace in their lives. Drawing from the science of psychology, psychotherapy, along with the voices of spirituality and religion, this podcast explores how people can, and have, transformed their lives by finding deeper meaning in knowing themselves more fully.

In this podcast, you will hear stories of hope and reconciliation. You will learn how people practice kindness and compassion in their lives. This podcast brings people together in a busy world that too often feels disconnected and polarized. Paying it forward and the power of empathy are practices that can heal and bring meaningful change in people's lives.

Hosted by Gordon Brewer, LMFT a licensed psychotherapist in private practice.  Produced by the PsychCraft network,  we explore the science and practices of mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness.

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Kindness and Compassion Podcast explores the intersection of science, psychology, psychotherapy, and spirituality. In a world where people are feeling disconnected, afraid, and alone, we can learn to find paths that bring us a greater sense of happiness, peace, and contentment in life. It is through deeper understanding of ourselves and our interactions with one another that we can learn new paths to healing and happiness.

Hi I’m Gordon Brewer, a psychotherapist, author, and clergy person in the Episcopal Church. In my work with people over the last 20 years, I have walked along side people in some of their most challenging moments of life. It’s a place of vulnerability. For me, this is a sacred space… holy ground. But even in the dark places of people’s lives hope can be found.

Our hope is that through listening to the podcast you can hear new ways of thinking about your life and your interactions with others. And that the path to happiness and contentment in life is through practicing kindness and compassion.


Latest Episodes

Ed Cohen | Exploring the Path to Healing and Transformation | K&C 25

Are you looking for a fresh perspective on healthcare and healing? In this episode, we delve into the historical shift in medicine’s focus, from healing as the primary goal to the modern emphasis on diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and billing. Dr. Cohen argues that true healing is a biological phenomenon inherent in all living organisms, emphasizing …

Blake Roberts | Curiosity Over Criticism In Our Lives | K&C 24

Get to know fellow therapist Blake Roberts as he shares his insights on mental health, overcoming fear, and cultivating curiosity and compassion. Blake shares his vision of building a community for men struggling with internal issues. He emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space where men can share their experiences and support each other. …

Pavel Ythjall | The Power of Kindness Through Being Present | K&C 22

In this episode, host Gordon has a conversation with Pavel Ythjall as he tells his story about the miraculous survival of a tragic car accident with his wife. Pavel shares the challenges he and his wife have faced in the seven years since the accident, including his recovery from a broken neck and his wife’s …


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